Colgate Domains offers access to open-source tools (like WordPress, Scalar and Omeka) that enable faculty and students to build online spaces and environments for learning and sharing. With Colgate Domains, you can create a digital presence that might look like a blog, a wiki, a textbook, a website, a course site or a portfolio.

While the idea of having a space on the web and access to digital tools is not new, it is powerful in that it can be a place of emergence, where learning and creating as processes of becoming can generate and grow things, ideas and experiences we might not have expected…all made possible by the power of the web to connect us to people and to ideas when we make and share online.

From this idea of connectedness, Colgate Domains offers an opportunity to use your space on the web and digital tools to grow the sorts of things we hope to achieve through teaching, learning, research and creative work in higher education

When you set-up a Colgate Domains account, you will own your domain and the data that you generate there – a notion that may seem liberatory compared to other software and digital tools that you use, but that aren’t transparent with what they do with your data. With Colgate Domains, you’ll have the freedom to explore how your account works and can manage your space on the web on your own terms. When or if you leave Colgate, you will be able to manage your account on your own and you’ll have the ability to take it with you.