Students are invited to get a FREE hosted web domain (a slice of the web!) and to learn how to make basic WordPress websites. Slices (the real pizza!) will be served!

Meet at the Digital Learning and Media Center (the DLMC; 5th Floor Case-Geyer Library) on Mondays at 7pm (starting September 12).

Registration below is appreciated. If you can, sign up for your Colgate Domains Account before you attend.

Claim a Slice of the Web! sessions will cover:

  • An overview of your Colgate Domains account and what it means to own “a slice of the web!”
  • An introduction to WordPress for making basic websites
  • The possibilities for digital creations like portfolios, galleries, collections and more!

Thanks to the St. Norbert College Tech Bar for inspiring the “Claim a Slice of the Web!” program.